A Patient Satisfaction Program That Works

Today keeping your patients happy is more important than ever. With the popularity of rating websites like Yelp.com, one bad remark can have lasting effects. Patients can find good and bad opinions on local dentists faster than ever before. So how do you keep on top of your practices patient satisfaction in a cost-effective and efficient manner?

Having good relations with your patients is a start but it doesn't always tell you the full story. When patients have a problem they are often reluctant to tell it to you directly for fear of offending. Cheap survey solutions are available but are useless or dangerously misleading if not conducted using professional market research techniques.

We have a great solution to this problem. After consulting with dentists and dental office managers we developed a patient satisfaction research program that can be extremely valuable to dentists. It has five key features:

  • Easy to implement: you can start using the program today
  • Low cost: we have priced this program so everyone can use it
  • Easy to understand reports: one page dashboard, easy to use report system
  • Reliable results: 3rd party impartiality and professional market research techniques
  • Regional benchmarks: shows how you rate next to others

To see more details take a look at our Patient Satisfaction Program page. If you have any questions you would like to ask email us here or call 650-591-3227